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Are you looking for a suitable exterior door lock?

Easy to retrofit and quick to install: Discover electronic front door locks at Tapkey.

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  • DIY Installation of Smart Locks

    Easy Installation

    Tapkey Smart Locks can be installed within minutes. No prior technical knowledge is required.

  • Smart Locks made in Germany

    Made in Germany

    Our Smart Locks are manufactured and certified in Germany according to the highest security standards.

  • Sustainable shipping of digital locks.

    Sustainable Shipping

    We support carbon-neutral shipping and are committed to recycling packaging and materials.

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    No Additional Hardware

    Elimate the need for expensive gateways. Takpey products can be used without additional hardware.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I install the locks myself?

The Tapkey-enabled smart locks are designed for self-installation, if not, this is stated in the product description. It is only important that you read the guide of the respective lock well beforehand.

Do the locks also work with NFC tags?

Yes, you can also use our locks with NFC transponders. These are initialized individually at the time of production and made ready for use with Tapkey to guarantee state-of-the-art security. Therefore, it is only possible to use Tapkey transponder. You can find NFC cards and tags that work with Tapkey here.

How can I unlock the door if my smartphone battery is dead or I forget my cell phone?

That is easy with Tapkey. You can log in with your Tapkey account on another smartphone and use it to unlock the door. More information in our Helpcenter article. Furthermore, you can also use our NFC tags as a backup.

How do I revoke access?

You can revoke access in the app in just a few seconds. We have instructions on how to do this in our Help Center.

Can I still use a mechanical key?

That depends on the lock you choose. With the mortise lock or the DOM Tapkey Guard S, you still have the option of unlocking with a conventional key.

Do the smart locks need Internet connection?

No, Tapkey-enabled locks are offline-capable and do not require a direct connection to the Internet. Therefore, you can even use them in completely "internet-free" scenarios, such as in the basement or in remote locations like a mountain hut.