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Tapkey Smart Lock

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Cylinder Profile
Security Fitting
Total Cylinder Length
  • Made in Germany
  • Water-resistant (IP65)
  • Fire-Resistant (T90)
  • DIY installation possible
  • Offline capability
The Tapkey Smart Lock is a certified digital cylinder lock made in Germany. The smart door lock is characterized by high quality and maximum security. In addition, the electronic door lock is water-resistant and fire-resistant (T90). For this reason, the smart lock is suitable for indoor and front doors and is the ideal cylinder for shared workspaces and office buildings.

The smart lock can be installed in less than 3 minutes and can easily be retrofitted. Wiring and internet connectivity are not required. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to measure your lock to ensure a perfect fit.

Use the convenience of a door cylinder that works with Android phones and iPhones (also Apple Watch) via the Tapkey App. Select the user pricing according to the number of smartphone users you want to grant access to your locking system. Additionally, you can also use Tapkey NFC transponders such as tags, cards, stickers and wristbands.

Delivery time 7-10 working days

Product Contents

* Tapkey Smart Lock
* Battery Pack
* Owner Card (for registration)
* Tools


* Communications technology: NFC, BLE
* Dimensions: Various
* Weight: Various
* Fire resistance: 90 minutes
* Water resistance: Yes
* Anti corrosion protection: Yes
* Anti drill protection: Yes
* Operating temperature: -25 to +65° Celsius
* Standalone functionality: Yes
* Acoustic signalling: No
* Optical signalling: Yes
* Battery type: 2x CR2 Battery Pack
* Battery lifetime: Up to 25.000 cycles
* Battery warning alarm: Visual

Tapkey webportal screen in laptop mock up and Tapkey App screen on a smartphone mock up

Smart Access with the Tapkey App

No need to deal with traditional keys anymore. Lost or stolen keys are finally a thing of the past.

Discover App Features