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DOM Tapkey AccessManager

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Surface-mounted frame
  • Elegant design & offline capability
  • Indoor & outdoor use (water-resistant IP54)

The DOM Tapkey Access Manager is a compact wall reader available in black. It can be mounted on a standard switch box, but can also be placed directly on the wall with a surface-mounted frame (currently only available in silver). The smart reader is suitable for various access scenarios, also for outdoor entrance doors. 

The wall reader works with Android phones and iPhones (including Apple Watch) —using the Tapkey App. Select a user package according to the number of smartphone users you want to grant access to your locking system. Besides the mobile keys, you can also unlock doors with Tapkey NFC transponders.

The Compact variant, consisting of a reader and control unit in one device, provides you with an easy entry into access control.

The HiSec variant is the control unit with a reader available in one device together with a passive reader, which is well suited for outdoor use because the passive reader is tamper-proof and cannot be short-circuited.

Delivery time 7-10 working days

Product Contents

* Access Manager Compact
* Owner Card (for product registration)
* OPTIONAL: mounting frame


* Communication technology: BLE, NFC
* Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 5,5 mm
* Weight: Apx. 160 g
* Operating temperature: -25 to +65° Celsius
* Offline functionality: Yes
* Power supply required: Yes
* Acoustic signaling: Yes
* Optical signaling: Yes
* IP54 certification: Yes
* Corrosion protection: Yes

Tapkey webportal screen in laptop mock up and Tapkey App screen on a smartphone mock up

Smart Access with the Tapkey App

No need to deal with traditional keys anymore. Lost or stolen keys are finally a thing of the past.

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