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Tapkey Smart Padlock

  • €399.00 including VAT

Quick & Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation


The Tapkey Smart Padlock ensures protection of medium to larger valuables or at high risk of theft. It allows you to secure doors, gates, lockers, toolboxes, cellar windows, sheds, switchgears, barriers, etc.

It is a secure and reliable product characterised by the high quality of material and meets any requirements in terms of high security. Made in Germany.

The Tapkey app provides you with easy mobile access management: Grant ad-hoc access to friends, guests or employees in a secure way by just typing a grantee's mail address. Manage key fobs directly with your smartphone, no additional costly hardware devices are required anymore.

More good news: No internet access, no cabling and no drilling necessary anymore.


Required Equipment

  • NFC-ready Smartphone with Android 4.4 (or higher)

Tested Smartphones

We tested the Tapkey Smart Lock with numerous smartphones, especially unlocking a lock device with NFC.

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This Set contains

Tapkey Padlock High-quality and super-secure padlock; includes an installation toolkit and a pre-mounted battery pack.
Tapkey Mobile App

Free download on Google Play Store.

Owner Card For secure product registration resp. to take ownership/control of the Tapkey-enabled module.
3 Key Fobs Secure NFC key fob (DESfire EV2), directly programmable via an NFC-capable smartphone.


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