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Tapkey Wallreader

  • €249.00 including VAT

The Tapkey Wallreader captivates through great user experience - because those smart access devices can be installed in various access situations and allows access via smartphones (NFC or BLE) as well as NFC key fobs.

Thus you are able to protect and keep control of your house, your office, your shared facilities, your garage, and much more.

Easy and secure: With the Tapkey App you easily allow and revoke access. Users can instantly use the Tapkey app simply by logging in either by using an already existing Google ID or by registering a new Tapkey ID based on bank-level security mechanisms.

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  • Android 4.4 (or later)
  • iOS 8 (or later)



Tapkey Wallreader Module

The "brain" of your smart wallreader—the module communicates with NFC keyfobs and smartphones and triggers an unlock signal after positive authorization.

Frame & Blind Cover

The subtle design harmonically fits in any surrounding area and protects the underlying electronics module.

Tapkey Mobile App

Free download on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Owner Card for product registration

Required for secure product registration to take ownership/control of the lock device.

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