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Smart Door Handle

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This electronic door handle is manufactured by Uhlmann & Zacher. The electronics, mechanical parts, LED indicators and battery are completely installed in the small space within the handle. It is available with a round or oval rose, with or without a profile cylinder (blind or with a hole). Wiring and internet connectivity are not required.

The handle impresses with its elegant and sleek stainless steel design. It can be used for all common doors made of wood, steel, and aluminium—in interior and exterior areas.

You can unlock the access hardware with smartphones (also Apple Watch) using the Tapkey app, and Tapkey NFC transponders. There are different user plans available you can choose from.

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* Communication technology: NFC, BLE
* Dimensions: Various
* Weight: Various
* Door thickness: 30 to 110 mm
* Fire resistance: Yes
* Anti corrosion protection: Yes
* Operating temperature: -25 to +65° Celsius
* Standalone functionality: Yes
* Acoustic signalling: Yes
* Optical signalling: Yes
* Battery type: CR123A 3V
* Number of batteries: 1
* Battery lifetime: Up to 170.000 cycles
* Battery warning alarm: Yes

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Smart Access with the Tapkey App

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