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Tapkey Demo Kit

  • €289.00 including VAT

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The Tapkey Demo Kit allows you to instantly evaluate all major features of the powerful Tapkey platform. It provides you with all required equipment needed to instantly get started without any obstacles.

This product is designed to be used for development and evaluation purpose, it doesn't meet the legal requirements to be used in real-life scenarios.


This Demo Kit contains

 Tapkey Mobile App

Free download on Google Play Store.

Demo Access Module Supports NFC and BLE, including a relay for triggering an unlock signal.
Owner Card For secure product registration resp. to take ownership/control of the Tapkey-enabled module.
2 Key Fobs Secure NFC keyfob (DESfire EV1), directly programmable via an NFC-capable smartphone.
Power Supply Also includes a power connector (coupling).
Backup Battery Required for a realtime clock.

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